Thursday, October 3, 2013

Non-surgical Mommy Makeovers – Part 4

Pregnancy is rumoured to bring glowing skin. But not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy blemish-free skin during and after pregnancy. Dark patches or spots are common cosmetic complaints. There may be darkening of skin and existing spots but new pigmentation changes may also occur. Melasma, which describes a patchy darker facial pigmentation is a common skin condition during pregnancy.

Melasma is present in almost 50% of pregnant women due to hormonal changes
Pregnancy related skin changes is triggered by hormonal changes, which stimulate an increase in the production of melanin, a pigment that gives color to our hair and skin. The pigmentation can sometimes get worse with sun exposure. Some skin pigmentation will fade away spontaneously months after delivery but some never completely disappear.
Treatments Targeting Facial Blemishes
Clothes can cover-up a post-baby belly but blemishes on your face is difficult to conceal. To combat the unsightly pigmentation, we recommend these Mommy Makeover treatments to help you achieve the glow you deserve.
1) Sunscreen and Skin Lightening Products
Regular use of a broad spectrum sunscreen (at least SPF 25) can help prevent worsening of facial pigmentation. 
Skin lightening products may contain a range of anti-pigment ingredients including retinol, steroids, hydroquinone, vitamin C, arbutin, kojic acid and Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). Prescription grade lightening creams may deliver faster results because they contain more potent ingredients at a higher concentration. Nursing mothers should consult a doctor to ensure they are using a product that is safe for breastfeeding.
2) Laser Pigmentation Treatment
The Fotona QX MAX laser is an effective tool to treat a wide range of pigmented skin lesions 

Unlike topical creams, laser pigmentation treatment can target deeper within the skin, so stubborn pigmentation can be effectively treated. Pigment lasers such as the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser effectively breaks down excessive skin pigmentation to lighten skin blemishes such as Melasma, freckles and sun spots. The laser energy is selectively absorbed by melanin and heat is produced to damage the pigments. Laser pigmentation treatment can also reduce uneven skin tone in areas such as armpits and skin folds.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Non-surgical Mommy Makeovers – Part 3

Does it frustrate you when the media put too much pressure on new moms to bounce back into shape soon after giving birth ? Amidst chaotic diaper changes, breastfeeding woes and more, the thought of gaining back our pre-baby shape seems like a daunting idea that's far from happening. In reality, getting back into shape is possible but we may need to accept that our bodies may not return to exactly the same way it used to be. The following non-surgical Mommy makeover treatments may help to reverse or improve some undesired post-pregnancy changes.

Photo source : Getty Image
All eyes have been on the Duchess of Cambridge since the arrival of her royal baby. Here, Kate Middleton looked absolutely gorgeous as she made her post-baby debut just one day after welcoming a beautiful baby boy.
Treatments to Reverse a Post-baby Belly
The post-baby belly is a new mom's greatest concern. Hidden under baggy clothes are the battle scars of pregnancy : stretch marks, loose skin, C-section scars and a stomach that still looks pregnant months after childbirth.
Loose Skin
It is possible to tighten up crepey tummy skin non-surgically with technology such as radio-frequency, infrared or Nd-YAG laser. These treatments heat up the tummy skin, causing collagen contraction and remodelling. However full improvement is not usually seen until months later, as the tightening procedure requires new collagen formation.
Stretch Marks
While stretch marks are challenging to treat and are resistant to creams, laser treatments such as Fractional Carbon Dioxide and Erbium Glass lasers can help to fade them gradually. These lasers work by creating columns of heat within the affected tissue which kick-starts a natural healing process to stimulate growth of new collagen tissue. However, multiple treatments are necessary to obtain satisfactory results.
Belly Fat
To reduce stubborn belly fat which persist despite diet and exercise, the non-surgical alternatives include mesotherapy and cryolipolisis. Mesotherapy involves injecting medicines to effectively “melt” away localized fat and cellulite whereas cryolipolysis uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin. Both treatments can also be used to treat other fatty areas such as love handles, upper thighs and muffin tops.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Non-surgical Mommy Makeovers - Part 2

What is Non-surgical Mommy Makeover ?

While the conventional Mommy Makeover is considered major surgery combining two or three operations : a tummy tuck, liposuction and/or breast surgery, non-surgical Mommy Makeover describes a variety of minimally or non-invasive procedures to counteract the physical effects of childbearing and to enhance your appearance after time has left its mark. These procedures are tailored to your cosmetic needs and may consists of laser treatments or injections.

Pregnancy is beautiful but also takes a toll on your body. Many pregnancy related effects such as loose skin, weight gain and stretch marks will not go away no matter how hard we diet and exercise. 

What are the benefits of non-surgical Mommy Makeover ?

Busy mothers who do not have the luxury to take time off work avoid surgical procedures as these treatments require a recovery period of 2 to 4 weeks. As most non-surgical Mommy Makeover procedures are non-invasive or minimally invasive in nature, there is no or minimal recovery time needed after treatment. In addition, these non-surgical treatments can be performed in a short interval (mostly less then an hour). No hospitalization is required, the patient can immediately return to work or care for their babies and there are no visible scars, so nobody needs to know that you have any treatment done.

Most importantly, non-surgical Mommy Makeover treatments offer a safe and quick alternative to correct post-pregnancy changes which may be difficult to reverse with diet and exercise alone.

What are the limitations of non-surgical Mommy Makeover ?

As most non-surgical Mommy Makeover procedures are low risk and non- invasive in nature, a series of treatments are usually required to achieve the desired outcome. The results are more subtle and natural looking. Non-surgical Mommy Makeover procedures are not advisable for patients expecting dramatic improvement of their post-pregnancy body with just one trip to the clinic.

Certain cosmetic concerns involving excessive loose skin and deflated breast will also be more effectively treated by surgical correction. Kindly consult your doctor to enquire if you are a good candidate for a non-surgical Mommy Makeover.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Non-surgical Mommy Makeovers - Part 1

Being a mother is one of the greatest joys in life. However, pregnancy and childbirth may cause tremendous stress to a woman's body. For nine months, we endure the many unpleasant pregnancy related symptoms but after the baby is born, our stomachs may still appear pregnant, strectch marks remain and our hair starts to thin. Unfortunately, most of us hardly have any time or energy left to improve the physical aftermath as life with a newborn is exhausting.

Photo source : People Magazine
Celebrities who managed to bounce back to their pre-pregnant shape, often just weeks after giving birth create additional pressure on women to lose weight quickly.
A survey done by BabyCentre, a parenting website involving 7,000 women with newborns to 4-year-olds suggested :

  • 65 percent of new moms said they expected to be back to their pre-pregnancy weight by their baby's first birthday. But when moms of 1- to 2-year-olds were polled, over half of them were still carrying at least a few extra pounds.
  • One to two years after having their baby, 86 percent of women say their stomach still has not returned to normal.
  • Over half of survey takers confessed that their body image has gotten worse since they became a mother.
While most new mothers can still use the "I just had a baby" excuse for up to a year, but if post-baby body bounce back does not happen as expected, there is the option of non-surgical Mommy Makeover procedures that can help rejuvenate your body and restore your self confidence.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Botox "Lite" : Overcoming the Frozen Face Stereotypes

"Frozen face” is a term of caution coined by the media for celebrities who have apparently overdone Botox treatment and wound up with oddly smooth foreheads and a smile that doesn't reach the eyes. Unfortunately, the entertaiment industry is so concerned about the overuse of Botox among actors that it was reported that producers and directors are refusing to employ those who have fallen under the thrall of the so-called pretty poison.

Photo source : Softpedia
Nicole Kidman have seemingly overdone Botox in the past, with the Oscar winning actress admitting -"No surgery for me. I did try Botox, unfortunately, but I got out of it and now I can finally move my face again."

What is Botox "Lite" ?

Botox "Lite", also commonly known as "Baby Botox", "Mini Botox" or "Micro Botox" is the refined technique for solving the "frozen face" problem representing the Botox cliche. The idea behind Botox "Lite" is that the doctor administers just enough Botox to relax the facial muscles without paralyzing them. Botox "Lite" employs a very specific technique designed to preserve the patient's normal facial movements and expressions but at the same time is effective to soften unsightly lines and wrinkles. The key is to take the edge and severity off wrinkles without making the patient look plastic.

Celebrities tend to be fans of Botox "Lite" as they need to be as expressive as possible for their acting career while still maintaining a youthful look. Those receiving Botox for the first time will also be more receptive to the idea of having Botox "Lite", especially if they are still mulling over the pros and cons of conventional Botox treatment.

Photo source : Loganotron
If you run into someone on the street, and they ask you who does your Botox, it might indicate that the Botox results are unnatural. With Botox "Lite", bystanders should not be able to tell if you have received Botox, but instead look “fresher, natural and well rested”
What are the Limitations of Botox "Lite" ?
The downside of Botox "Lite" is that results of this subtler approach do not last as long as the conventional Botox treatment, and touch-ups must be scheduled more often for maintained results. Generally, Botox "Lite" may last from one to three months, depending on the severity of wrinkles and the condition of the treated areas. As stated before, lines and wrinkles do not typically disappear completely. A patient should still expect to have lines or wrinkles, but the creases are softened and less deep compared to without any Botox at all.
Regardless of how much Botox is injected, it is still a medical treatment. So, before you book in for the procedure, be sure to seek a consultation with a qualified medical doctor who is an experienced Botox injector. Do insist to have the procedure performed in a registered clinic to ensure that you are in the best hands.