Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Questions to Ask Before Doing An Aesthetic Procedure

Whether you are planning for a quick Botox fix or have a specific beauty concern, don't be afraid to ask questions! For patients considering a beauty makeover, getting an informative consultation with the doctor is the best way to achieve a favourable outcome. This checklist of questions before doing an aesthetic procedure will enable you to do some research and get the feedback you need to make an informed decision.

Is the Doctor a Qualified and Registered Practitioner?
There is a “doctor checklist” in the Malaysian Medical Council website. Do check out the doctor's qualification via the website's medical register. Only registered doctors qualified to practice in Malaysia will be listed in the register.

 Image source : The Star Online
"The desire to look and feel good is feeding a billion-dollar wellness industry but it remains one of the least regulated sectors in the country. There have been many reported complaints on cheating, overcharging and botched jobs resulting in permanent disfigurement." - The Star Online

Is the Procedure Done in a Registered Clinic or Hospital?
Aesthetic procedures should be performed in a clean, sterile and well equipped medical facility. Some individuals do not mind getting these procedures done in beauty saloons, hotel rooms and in their own home as long as they think that a “doctor” is performing the procedures. As a result, this can increase the rate of unwanted side effects such as infection and scarring.

 Photo & text source : The Star Online
Painful experience: A patient showing her photos taken before (left) and after beauty salon laser treatment at the MCA Public Complaints Bureau.

What are the Possible Complications from this Procedure?
Most non-invasive aesthetic procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels and lasers have low complication rates when performed by a qualified and experienced doctor. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to ask about the side effects to make an informed decision.

How is the Procedure Being Done?
Ideally, the doctor should give a summary of how the procedure is being done and how long it takes to be done without using any medical jargon so the patient will know what to expect.

How Long is the Recovery Time After the Procedure? Can I Get Back to My Daily Activities Immediately?
Most non-invasive aesthetic procedures have little downtime. Certain ablative lasers such as Fractional lasers to treat acne scarring can have slightly longer recovery time of up to a week.

Is the Procedure Painful?
From my personal experience, this is the question that most patients will not miss out. If the procedure involves any degree of pain or discomfort, what types of pain relieve methods can be offered? You should also let the doctor know of any drug allergies to avoid being given the pain medication that you are allergic to.

What Kind of Results or Improvements can I Achieve After the Procedure?
Most patients will have their own ideas and expectations about what he or she wish to achieve from the aesthetic procedure and are advised to communicate these to the doctor. Communication between doctor and patient is the key to achieving realistic patient expectation and excellent results.

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