Friday, June 8, 2012

Lunch Time Boob Job With Macrolane Discontinued

Macrolane for breast enhancement, also known as the 'lunch time boob job' has been taken off the market since April 2012. Q-Med, the manufacturer of Macrolane, has decided to discontinue the promotion of Macrolane for breast enhancement worldwide.

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Macrolane breast enhancement does not increase the risk of breast cancer but may  increase the risk of a delayed diagnosis.

Macrolane is an injectable filler used for multiple indications including “lunchtime boob jobs”. The cosmetic treatment works by enhancing breast size without the need for implants. It was believed to be less invasive than surgical breast augmentation.

Experts warn that the injected filler material could affect breast cancer screenings but Q-Med said there was a lack of consensus amongst radiologists regarding examination of breasts treated with injectable products.

Macrolane will still remain available for non-breast related body contouring procedures such as buttock enhancement and to correct post liposuction deformities. Meanwhile, according to Q Med, women who have undergone breast enhancement by Macrolane injections do not need to take any action and are not subject to specific medical follow-up other than as prescribed by their practitioner following the procedure.

Article source : BBC


  1. I've heard about this procedure but I really don't know what to think about it. A few months ago I read that dermal fillers like Juvederm could be used for breast augmentation but since that news nothing about it.
    It's great to have a breast augmentation during lunch time but I wonder how long the result will last.
    I will definitely ask my doctor from Edelstein Cosmetic about this procedure because his opinion is very important for me. Until now he was my adviser and all the treatments I followed were very effective.
    Who knows maybe this is it:P

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