Sunday, October 21, 2012

Microneedling With Dermaroller : An Effective Treatment For Acne Scarring

Scarring is a particularly distressing phenomenon and is most unwelcome when it occurs on the face. Facial scars can arise due to a number of causes, one of the commonest cause is acne.

It has always been a challenge to treat facial acne scarring. Many different treatments are available but the majority of these treatments are limited by being either marginally effective or having considerable recovery time and side effects. A safe and effective treatment option for facial acne scarring is microneedling with dermaroller. The effectiveness of dermaroller to treat scars is well documented by clinical studies.

The spikes on dermaroller are designed to pierce the skin to stimulate repair and collagen growth.

How does microneedling with dermaroller work ?

A dermaroller is a hand-held instrument consisting of a cylinder studded with fine micro-needles. Derma roller is rolled on the skin and the needles cause small pin point injuries. Skin injury instigate a process of wound healing by stimulating production of more collagen to fill up acne scars, thus leading to smoother skin.

Photo source : NCBI
Top photo : Facial scarring before treatment

Bottom photo : Significant improvement to scars after microneedling with dermaroller
What should I expect after microneedling with dermaroller procedure ?

There will be temporary mild swelling, redness and pin point bleeding on the skin immediately after the procedure. These effects typically last a few days. Sun avoidance is neccessary for at least a week after treatment.

What are the possible side effects from microneedling with dermaroller ?

There is very minimal risk of skin infection from dermaroller procedures that is performed in a clinical setting with proper sterilization of equipment. Application of topical anaesthetic cream to the skin prior to treatment will minimise any major discomfort or pain caused by microneedling.

How many treatment sessions are needed for dermaroller treatment ?

A series of 6 treatments performed at monthly intervals is required to achieve satisfactory results.

While microneedling with dermaroller is proven to be a simple and effective treatment for acne scarring, do note that it is a medical procedure and should only be performed by a licensed medical practitioner in a clinical environment. Self- treatment or treatment by unqualified personnel without knowledge of skin anatomy and sterility may lead to negative effects.


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