Thursday, July 25, 2013

Non-surgical Mommy Makeovers – Part 3

Does it frustrate you when the media put too much pressure on new moms to bounce back into shape soon after giving birth ? Amidst chaotic diaper changes, breastfeeding woes and more, the thought of gaining back our pre-baby shape seems like a daunting idea that's far from happening. In reality, getting back into shape is possible but we may need to accept that our bodies may not return to exactly the same way it used to be. The following non-surgical Mommy makeover treatments may help to reverse or improve some undesired post-pregnancy changes.

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All eyes have been on the Duchess of Cambridge since the arrival of her royal baby. Here, Kate Middleton looked absolutely gorgeous as she made her post-baby debut just one day after welcoming a beautiful baby boy.
Treatments to Reverse a Post-baby Belly
The post-baby belly is a new mom's greatest concern. Hidden under baggy clothes are the battle scars of pregnancy : stretch marks, loose skin, C-section scars and a stomach that still looks pregnant months after childbirth.
Loose Skin
It is possible to tighten up crepey tummy skin non-surgically with technology such as radio-frequency, infrared or Nd-YAG laser. These treatments heat up the tummy skin, causing collagen contraction and remodelling. However full improvement is not usually seen until months later, as the tightening procedure requires new collagen formation.
Stretch Marks
While stretch marks are challenging to treat and are resistant to creams, laser treatments such as Fractional Carbon Dioxide and Erbium Glass lasers can help to fade them gradually. These lasers work by creating columns of heat within the affected tissue which kick-starts a natural healing process to stimulate growth of new collagen tissue. However, multiple treatments are necessary to obtain satisfactory results.
Belly Fat
To reduce stubborn belly fat which persist despite diet and exercise, the non-surgical alternatives include mesotherapy and cryolipolisis. Mesotherapy involves injecting medicines to effectively “melt” away localized fat and cellulite whereas cryolipolysis uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin. Both treatments can also be used to treat other fatty areas such as love handles, upper thighs and muffin tops.


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