Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lip Enhancement with Fillers - Part 1

Full, pouty lips may hold the secret to looking younger as aging causes atrophy of facial fat including the lips. Since 1960's, various injectables were utilised by doctors to achieve fuller lips. So, what if we are not blessed with Angelina's bee-stung lips? A safe option with minimal recovery time is hyaluronic acid filler for lip enhancement . 

 Photo source : Restylane
Left photo : before lip enhancement ; Right photo : the lips look fuller with better projection after lip enhancement with hyaluronic acid fillers

Photo source : Restylane
Besides adding volume, fillers can also smooth wrinkles adjacent to the lips, such as smoker's lines (vertical lines surrounding the lip border) and Marionette lines (frown lines at the mouth corners).

Most of us have seen photos of celebrities who have received too much lip filler and end up looking unnatural, so the next question will be -how can we ensure that we end up with natural looking lips, and not a “duck pout”?

 Photo source : Make me heal
A example of lip filler overload : This 22-year-old Russian lady is reported to have received multiple silicone lip injections to emulate cartoon character Jessica Rabbit.


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  5. Interesting treatment but is it permanent solution or for some time. Fillers treatment will remain active for how much time.