Friday, April 20, 2012

Facts and Misconceptions About Botox - Part 2

This is the second part of the article - Facts and Misconceptions about Botox. Please click here to read the first part.

3) Will My Friends Know I Did Botox ?

Yes and No. In skilled hands, Botox will not make you look as if you’ve “had work done”. A telltale sign of Botox that has been badly done is that you can look “Spocked”, as in Mr. Spock, a fictional character from Star Trek. That is why it is important to seek treatment from an experienced doctor.

Photo source : Virgin media
Mr. Spock-like eyebrows are also known as the "Mephisto sign" - elevation of the lateral eye brows, at rest and at maximum frown. This should be avoided as it leads to either a weird or evil look.

4) Does Botox Have Any Side Effects ?

Every drug has side effects, and Botox is no exception. Luckily, they tend to be short-lived and mostly resolve spontaneously. Common side effects include droopiness of the eyelid or eyebrow, discomfort or pain at the injection site and bruising. Rarely, eye problems such as double vision, allergic reaction and facial asymmetry might occur.

5) Will I Look Worse Than What I Originally Was After the Botox Effects Wear Off ?

If you choose not to continue Botox treatment, the wrinkles or muscle bulk will gradually return to the same way they looked before treatment (and not worse than before). Botox does not affect the normal aging process.

Patients often get used to looking at the “Botox-enhanced” version of themselves. After the treatment effect wears off, they might think that they “look worse” when it really is their original wrinkles returning.

6) Botox Is Expensive

This is not necessarily true but prices vary widely. In my clinical practice, Botox is priced from a few hundred ringgit onwards, depending on the indication. Common factors that determine the cost of the Botox procedure are : brand of Botulinum Toxin (either Botox® Cosmetic, Dysport™ or others) and total units of Botulinum Toxin administered.

For Botox procedures, the quality of the results always depends on the injector. Choosing a good doctor is the key.


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